It all starts with a digital business card.

The perfect way to get a digital business card by using an easily scanned and shared QR code. It's a very simple way to develop your business relationships.

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It all starts with a digital business card.

How It Works?

Create Digital Business Card

All you need is to sign up for an account with our app and follow the instructions, step by step. You can generate the QR code for your business card in a simple and effective process.

Share your card with anyone

Once your digital business card is developed, you can easily share it, either by posting the link or scanning and sharing the QR code. You can also download the code or print it.

Get More Customers

Many customers are looking for the easiest and shortest way to contact you. With our application, they simply scan the QR code and choose the best way to communicate with you.

Contactless digital business cards

Contactless digital business cards

In the digital age, paper business cards are becoming a thing for the past. Luckily, Business QR Code has found a solution to overcome the limits of this classic method of communication. Through its application, it will allow you to create and host a digital and fully interactive business card on your smartphone, specially designed to facilitate contact with potential customers. Business QR Code will help you to boost your customer portfolio by improving your communication strategy and diffusing your contact details to a wide range of prospects. In a few clicks, you will have your own electronic business card that can be adapted to your needs and wishes. Don't wait! Download the application and register to benefit from the benefits of our digital innovation.

Share your digital business card

You can share your digital business card via social networks or directly on your partner's smartphone using the QR code located at the bottom of your card. Whoever receives it will be able to view it immediately, save it as an icon on the main screen of their smartphone and share it with others. Your digital business card will spread effortlessly and can never be lost.

Share your card with anyone

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  • 3 Additional fields on card
  • 50 Scans Per Month
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Features of Basic Plan
  • 6 Additional fields on card
  • 100 Scans Per Month
  • Hide Business QR Code Branding
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